Mission-Aligned Investing

We have collaborated with clients to build portfolios that reflect their missions for more than three decades. Whether you are seeking to invest in a way that avoids long-term environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks or makes a positive impact on the communities you serve, we partner with clients to build a framework that leverages the broader resources of the firm to deliver thoughtful solutions and achieve responsible investing goals.

Our knowledge and experience spans all aspects of responsible and impact investing, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Mission-Aligned Investing

Actionable Strategies for Impact



Strengthens representation of women and underrepresented groups in the investment industry through one or a combination of factors

  • Diversity characteristics

Ownership, management, investment team, total organization

  • Internal DEI programming and engagement

Policy, plan, progress

  • Industry partnerships and outreach programs

Focus on impact – industry, underserved communities


Invests in projects, funds, or organizations with the goal of generating and measuring mission-related change and financial returns.

  • Place-based Investing
  • Gender lens investing
  • Venture impact fund


Seeks to avoid certain companies or industries through negative screening, in accordance with ethical guidelines.

  • Tobacco
  • Fossil fuels
  • Firearms


Integrates ESG factors into fundamental analysis of investment opportunities (includes active proxy voting and shareholder engagement).

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Human rights and fair labor practices
  • Corporate governance

Our Approach to Mission-Aligned Investment


Since our founding in 1988, we have assisted clients in navigating the broad investment universe, helping align their portfolios with their values. Some of our first clients were pioneers in the responsible investing movement, whether that meant building programs that represent the values of their faith, promoting the environment by avoiding the fossil fuel industry, or supporting very specific causes like the anti-apartheid movement.

A significant number of our clients have engaged with us on mission-alignment, and many are at various stages of implementation. We have partnered with many to adopt and execute fully mission-aligned portfolios. Decades of knowledge in the space and organizational independence make our firm an extension of your organization and true partner in achieving your goals.

Hands-on Guidance

Our comprehensive service model means we are there every step of the way. While some clients already have specific mandates and guidelines, others may be just entering the exploratory phase. Services we provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Educate committees, staff, and stakeholders on mission investing
  • Work with key stakeholders to identify goals and build consensus
  • Create an IPS that incorporates missions
  • Develop mission-aligned guidelines
  • Quantify portfolio exposure to risk factors
  • Build mission-integrated portfolios with best-in-class managers
  • Create monitoring tools to track progress

Manager Due Diligence
& Monitoring

Our approach to mission-aligned investing shares the same rigor and discipline as our traditional manager research and leverages the same resources. As a result, we believe clients do not automatically sacrifice returns when pursuing dual mandates and often can reduce their risk profiles.

We have more than 30 years of experience helping clients select best-in-class investment managers across all traditional and alternative asset classes.

PRI Reporting Assistance

More investors are discovering the value in becoming signatories to the Principles for Responsive Investment. Worldwide, more than 3,000 organizations representing over $100 trillion in assets have become signatories, including Prime Buchholz.

By joining this internationally recognized group of leading organizations and companies, PRI signatories commit to incorporating ESG factors into their investment decisions. We help clients explore the various resulting benefits, implement the six principles, and serve as a key resource during the annual reporting period.

Diversity Investment

We work closely with clients to foster gender and racial diversity and address other important social issues. We seek firms with histories of advancing women and diverse individuals and who provide access to capital and beneficial products and services to underrepresented communities.

Our investment perspective, The Diversity Dynamic, reviews the state of diversity in the asset management industry and provides guidance for investors seeking to promote diversity across their investment portfolios

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