Outsourced CIO

Prime Buchholz provides a flexible spectrum of solutions to fit your unique needs.  Functioning as an outsourced investment staff, our team streamlines the investment decision-making process and implementation to reduce the burden on our clients.

For clients seeking support above and beyond our comprehensive, non-discretionary consulting services, we offer several outsourced options.  Rest assured, we’ll work with you to determine which approach best meets your needs.

Prime Buchholz Consulting

Traditional investment consulting

We will be your comprehensive, open-ended resource, functioning as an extension of your staff and advising on all aspects of your investment program.


We’ll provide you with guidance and proactive recommendations, but you retain discretion over asset allocation and manager selection. We’ll take responsibility for trades and cash flows.

Manager discretion

You control asset allocation; our team selects managers and takes responsibility for trades and cash flows.

Full discretion

Our team controls asset allocation and manager selection, and takes responsibility for trades and cash flows.

No matter the approach, we will take responsibility for the ongoing monitoring and reporting of the portfolio and will always remain available to you as a resource—without any limits on our time.