The Prime Buchholz Story

At Prime Buchholz, true independence is more than just a catchphrase or an ambiguous term used in a tired sales pitch. Independence is the cornerstone on which our firm was built and it is instilled in everything we do.

During their respective tenures as the chief financial officers of several prestigious universities, Jon Prime and Jim Buchholz were increasingly frustrated by a growing contingent of money managers with clear conflicts of interest, particularly those who expanded their lines of business by offering both products and investment advice.

Philosophically, Jon and Jim did not buy into the idea that you could serve more than one master. In 1988, Jon reconnected with his former colleague to pursue this notion that, without true independence, there is no such thing as conflict-free investment advice.

Initially, Prime Buchholz consisted of only Jon and Jim and a small support staff, who set up an office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, providing investment advice to four institutional clients they had worked with previously. As more and more endowment stewards demanded independent investment advice, the number of clients and staff slowly grew, eventually spreading throughout the eastern half of the United States.

While the Firm has grown, the guiding principles — true independence, a client-centric service model, and a time-tested investment process and philosophy — continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.